Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Recorded 1970

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1859-1938 Adams, Alice  Section D   Row 1
1860-1935 Adams, Fred  Section D  Row 1
1/10/1889-5/1982 Aikens, Hazel  Section B  Row 11
2/26/1884-5/18/1959 Aikens, Jules P  Section B  Row 11
1833- Akin, Phineas  Section D  Row 5
1846-1919 Aldrich, Rev. S.C.   Section  A  Front of lot
1847-1921 Aldrich, Margaret (Wife to S.C.)  Section A  Front of lot
1/18/1839-4/3/1924 Alsdorf, Jacob Leroy Section A  Front of lot
3/30/1844-10/30-1918 Alsdorf, Kate (Wife to Jacob) Section A  Front of lot
No dates Anderson, William   Section B  Row 2
8/9/1825-1883 Anderson, Miriam    Section B  Row 2
No dates Anderson, Birdie    Section B  Row 2
No dates Anderson, Baby    Section B  Row 2
1858-1923 Bacon, Alonzo    Section B  Row 3
No dates Bacon, Oshe     Section F  Lot 54C  Cremated
-2002 Bacon, Tressie,  Section F  Lot 54D  Cremated
1923-1974 Baker, Catherine Cowden  Sect F  Lot 2B
-1975 Baker, Clarence    Sect F  Lot 2C
1922-1999 Baker, Paul   Section F  Lot 64A
1931-1996 Baker, Peter   Sect F  Lot 65A
No dates Balden, Mrs.  Section B  Row 5
No dates Barber, Andrew   Section A  Front of lot
No dates  Bennett, Infant daughter of AB & MA Section B  Row 8
1904-2004 Bennett, Leo   Section C  Row 4
1908-1974 Bennett, Mildred    Section C  Row 4
1961-1995 Bennett, Michael   Section F  Lot 26C
9/24/1915-9/24/1915 Bidwell, Ethel   Section C  Row 1
3/28/1892-3/10/1920 Bidwell, Prudence “Prudy”   Section C  Row 1
5/18/1916-12/29/1933 Bidwell, Genevieve   Section C  Row 1
5/24/1889-1/24/1946 Bisbee, Archie    Section B  Row 11
4/4/1895-6/6/1936 Bisbee, Hazel Lord   Section B  Row 11
No dates Bisbee, Baby    Section B  Row 11
2/1/1899-3/2/1899 Bishop, Gertrude   Section B  Row 2
1910-1996 Blakeslee, Paul   Section A  Front of lot
1/31/1911-8/9/1986 Blakeslee, Muriel   Section A   Front of lot
1859-1942 Blakeslee, Albert   Section A  Front o f Lot
unknown-12/16/1857 Blakeslee, Arthur  Section B  Row 2
1862-1941 Blakeslee, May   Section A  Front of lot
1865-1921 Blakeslee, Harry R.   Section A  front of lot
1879-1918 Blakeslee, Waitie  Section A  Front of lot
1855-1928 Blakeslee, Cassius S.   Section b  Row 1
1837-10/12/1903 Blakeslee, Dean  Section B Row 9
1862-1911 Blakeslee Eck C.  Section D  Row 2
5/18/1915-11/2/1915 Blakeslee Elna  Lived 5 mths.Section B Row 12
12/8/1923 Blakeslee Baby Section B Row 12
1918-1920 Blakeslee, Elois  Section B row 12
1886-1935 Blakeslee, Ernest  Section D row 3
1888-1989 Blakeslee, Eva (100 yrs old) Section D  Row 3
5/28/1860-10/19/1937 Blakeslee, Evaline  Section B  Row 10
No dates Blakeslee, Florence  Section C Row 5
1818-1903 Blakeslee, Freeman  Section B  Row 10
5/19/1883-7/26/1911 Blakeslee, Georgia A.  Section B  Row 12
No dates Blakeslee, Harriet  Section B   Row 3
1865-1921 Blakeslee, Harry R.  Section A  Front of lot
No dates Blakeslee, Hiram  Section b  Row 3
9/2/1916-10/26/1922 Blakeslee, Howard  Section B  Row 12
No dates Blakeslee, Infant Twin Boys  Section B  Row 12
1887-1959 Blakeslee, Blakeslee, Bertha Cordner  Section B  Row 12
No dates Blakeslee, Lillie   Section B  Row 2
1926-2010 Blakeslee, Lyle   Section D  Row 2
1903-1935 Blakeslee, Marie  Section C  Row 5
1903-1995 Blakeslee, Marion   Section D  Row 2
1830-1914 Blakeslee, Mary  Section B  Row 2
2/1824-unknown Blakeslee, Mary    Section B Row 10
No dates Blakeslee, Agnes   Section B Row 3
No dates Blakeslee, Mordeci   Section B  row 3
1911-1985 Blakeslee, Muriel  Section a  Front of lot
1910-1996 Blakeslee, Paul   section A  Front lot
1977-1979 Blakeslee, Paul A  Section F  Lot 9A
5/7/1845-7/30/1914 Blakeslee, “Prudy” Pruda Ann Negus  Section B  Row 9
7/3/1880-9/5/1944 Blakeslee, Ralph R.  Section B  Row 12
unknown-1853 Blakeslee, Robert E   Section B  Row 2
No dates Blakeslee, Robert   Section C  Row 5
1906-1906 Blakeslee, Rossella   Section D  Row 2
4/1825-1905 Blakeslee, Silvanus   Section B  Row 2
1879-1918 Blakeslee, Waitie   Section  A  Front of lot
1862-1941 Blakeslee, May  Section A  front of lot
1859-1934 Blakeslee, Alice  Section B  Row 1
1886-1900 Borland, Loney W.  Section B  Row 9
12/26/1823-9/12/1907 Borland, Lucinda Louise Sargent  Section B  Row 9
No dates Bowen, Mr.  Section B  Row 6
No dates Bowes, Fred  Seciton E  Row 10
1918-1970 Bowes, Frederick   Section F  Lot 18A
1984-1984 Bowes, Twin Girls   Section F  Lot 18A  South of Fred
1823-1860 Bradish, Sophia  L.   (Wife to Loyal)Section B  Row 3
1922-1999 Brennan, Joe   Section F  Lot 63A
1926-2005 Brennan, Katherine M.  Seciton F  Lot 63B
No dates Brenneman  Baby   (unmarked)Section C  Row 3
1928-1993 Brown, Clarence   Section C  row 5
1905-1998 Brown, Florence  Section C  Row 4
1899-1953 Brown, George F.   Section C  Row 4
1910-2004 Brown, Geraldine  Section A  front of lot
1921-1995 Brown, Gladys  Section C  Row 5
1907-1977 Brown, Harry   Section A  front of lot
1953-2006 Brown Rick L.   Section F  Lot 31C
-1979 Burek, James   Section C  Row 4
-2008 Burgess, Donald  Section F  Lot 53D
1941-2004 Chase, Gaynelle   Section F  Lot 21A
1938-1999 Chase, Raymond (Cremated) Section F  Lot 21B
1906-1987 Childs, Everett   Section F  Row 8A
1891-1948 Childs, George R.  Section C  Row 5
1899-1977 Childs, Glenn  Section F  Row 8D
1903-1973 Childs, Lucy   Section F  Row 8B
1868-1931 Childs, Mary E.  Section C Row 5
1867-1950 Childs, Robert H  Section C  Row 5
1906-1940 Childs, Ruth Bishop   Section C  Row 5
-1907 Choate Almyra  Section E.  Row 10
No dates Choate, Asa   Section E  Row 10
No dates Choate, Asa B.  Section E  Row 10
5/12/1885-9/28/1913 Choate, Bertha  Section B  Row 6
No dates Choate, Irving  Section E  Row 10
3/21/1860-3/15/1895 Choate, Lucy   Section B  Row 6
4/17/1894-10/17/1918 Choate, Marie   Section B  Row 6
12/21/1860-3/15/1895 Choate, Ralph C.  Section B  Row 6
No dates Chote, Rufus  Section E.  Row 10
1910-1964 Clark, Alfred  Section C  Row 5
1934-1998 Clark, Alfred  Section F  Lot 46A
1901-1966 Clark, Charles   Section F  Row 4D
1885-1938 Clark, Ella   Section C  Row 5
1883-1948 Clark, Frank  Section C  Row 5
-1989 Clark, Kayla Michelle  Section C  Row 5
No dates Coatoam, John  Section D  Row 2
No dates Comber, Baby   Section E  row 10
-1915 Comber, Ray   Section E  Row 20
4/3/1881-12/10/1947 Conner, James W.  Section C  Row 3
No dates Cook, Baby   Section C  Row 1
6/1859-1/23/1948 Cook, Clarence   Section C  Row 1
3/1887-2/16/1941 Cook, Dawlton   Section C  Row 1
10/24/1867-4/26/1948 Cook, Mary    Section C  Row 1
1892-6/1/1946 Cook, Mina   Section C  Row 1
1905-1960 Cowden, Ward   Section f  Row 2A
1909-1965 Cox, Floyd M. (son of Wayne and Estella)Section F  Row 21A


Cox, Estella V. (daughter of Reuma; wife of Wayne)Section B

Cox, Wayne F. (husband of Estella)  Section B  Row 9

1916-10/26/1953 Danner, Catherine  Dalbey  Section B  Row 11
1858-1929 Danner, Delia F.  Section B Row 12
No dates Danner, Frank   Section D  Row 9  Unmarked grave
1848-1922 Danner, Jacob A.  Section C  Row 1
1844-1916 Danner, Louisa  Section D  Row 9
11/8/1876-10/4/1959 Danner, Myrna   Section B  Row 12
1/20/1876-7/31/1938 Danner, Otis   Section B  Row 12
3/6/1907-7/9/1973 Danner, Rexford   Section B  Row 11
1817-6/4/1894 Danner, John Owen          Section B  Row 5  (Father)
5/1/1823-1/28/1902 Danner, Juliana          Section B  Row 5  (Mother)
-2007 Danpar, Valerie    Section C  Row 3
1829-1898 Darrow, Mary E.   (Wife to Solon)Section A  Front of Lot
1827-1897 Darrow, Solon   Section A  Front of lot
1/12/1867-8/30/1912 Day, Carrie Danner Jones   Section B  Row 5
1912-1976 Dearborn, Carl   Section C  Row 5
1900-1987 Dearborn, Myrna   Section C  Row 5
No dates Delavergn, Frank     Section B  Row 3
No dates Delavergn, Newton   Section B  Row 3
No dates Dennison,  Grace   Section C  Row 5
1895-1994 Dietzel, Ernest   Section F  Lot 4A
-1967 Dietzel Ernest Jr.  Section F  Lot 4C
1901-1963 Dietzel, Marian Shirley   Section F  Lot 4B
1945-1978 Dillon, Guy  Section F  Lot 29A
1909-1971 Dillon, John   Section F  Lot 16C
1926-2000 Dillon, Lucy    Section F  Lot 16D
1916-1997 Dominguez, Felipe   Ssection F  Lot 44A
No dates Drake, Edna    Section B  Row 7
No dates Drake, Edith    Section B  Row 7
1894-1977 Drake, Elmer   Section F  Lot 12A
1897-1971 Drake, Sarah   Section F  Lot 12B
9/18/1962-4/18/2007 Draper, Valerie   Section C  Lot 3
11/17/1910-7/9/1956 Duryee, Guy    (Co. 853)Section C  Row 2
9/16/1912-1/21/1989 Duryee, Thelma    Section C  Row 2
No dates E.M.                 Section B  Row 5
1943-1964 Eaton, Darlene M.  Section C  row 4
1918-1999 Eaton, Frank   Section C  row 4
1924-1996 Eaton, Geraldine   Section C  Row 4
1951-1952 Eaton, Janice   Section C  Row 4
unknown-1888 Edwards, Hannah   Section B  Row 6
2005-2005 Elder, Baby   Section F  Lot 56B
1911-1985 Elder, Durwood B.  Section F  Lot 40A
1892-1973 Elder, Esta   Section F  Lot 5A
No dates Emerson, Celia   Section B  Row 8
5/1858-11/14/1936 Emerson, Cynthia   Section B  row 10 unmarked
No dates Espy, Baby  Section C  Row 3  unmarked
1916-9/15/1984 Espy, June Kuhaneck   Section C  Row 3
1/29/1939-10/3/1941 Espy, Gerald Douglas   Section C  Row 3
1/14/1914-10/11/1981 Espy, Larry   Section C  Row 3
1953-2005 Esper, Stephan  Section F  Lot 63
No dates Ethridge, David   Section C  Row 1
No dates Ethridge, Jeanne   Section C  Row 1
1921-2001 Farrell, Paul   Section C  Row 3  (Cremated)
No dates Farrell, Thelma   Section C  Row 3
No dates Farrington,  A.  Section B  Row 4
1/27/1828-3/3/1914 Fay, Rebecca Jane Maine   Section B  Row 8
1908-1987 Fisher, Gladys   Section F  Lot 5B
1923-1996 Fisher, Lloyd  Section  F  Lot 5C
1867-1909 Force, Capitola  M.  Section B  Row 1
1883-1955 Force, Clyde  Section B  Row 1
1900-1920 Force, Fern   Section B  Row 1
1861-1919 Force, Frank   Section B  Row 1
1896-1912 Force, Glenn   Section B Row 1
No dates Fosburg, Joseph   Section C  Row 2
7/19/1934-5/27/1998 Foster, Charles   Section C  Row 4

Foster, Mina   Section C  Row 4
No dates Fox, Althea   Section C  Row 2
12/6/1912-4/11/1980 Fox, Charles E.  Section C  Row 4
No dates Fox, David   Section C  Row 4
3/17/1920-5/18/2012 Fox, Elsie   Section C  Row 4
12/11/1974-4/18/1977 Fox, Louise  Section C.  Row 4
No dates Fox,  Ralph  Section C  Row 2
No dates Fox, Timothy    Section C  Row 3
11/27/1905-11/6/2001 Fuller, Albert   Section C  Row 3
12/31/1909-10/22/1987 Fuller, Lorena   Section C  Row 3
1974-1974 Geer, Baby Girl   (daughter of Larry) Section C  Row 5
1933-1934 Geer, Doris H.   Section C  Row 5
1892-1970 Geer, Kenneth   Section F  Lot 11C
1913-1979 Geer, Lorraine   Section C  Row 5
1899-1976 Geer, Lula   Section F  Lot 11D
1904-1985 Geer, Nellie   Secton C   Row 5
1907-1998 Geer, Orville   Section C  Row 5
No dates Gerow, G.   Section B  Row 5
No dates Gerow, G.   Section B  Row 5
No dates Gilson, Baby   Section C  Row 2
No dates Gilson, Opal   (Daughter of Henry) Section B Row 8
1984-1984 Girls, Baby Twins   Section E  Row 10
9/30/1867-9/23/1952 Golden, Cornelia   Section C  Row 1
10/15/1861-4/11/1920 Golden, Edward   Section C  Row 1
7/17/1888-12/17/1958 Golden, Lindon “Pete”   Section  C  Row 1
1884-1943 Golden, Vera Wilson   Section A  Front of lot
6/16/1908-2/6/2001 Gordon, Helen   Section C  Row 1
7/4/1903-7/25/1979 Gordon, Lyle   Section C  Row 1
No dates Gould, Sarah  Section B  Row 5
No dates Grant, Babies (3)    Section B  Row 7
1886-1945 Grant, Celia   Section B  Row 7
4/18/1834-3/1867 Grant, Charity   Section B  Row 3
No dates Grant, Charles  Section B  Row 3
4/27/1802-12/12/1885 Grant, Cynthia  Section B  Row 3
1888-1918 Grant, Earl   Section E.  Row 10
no dates Grant, E. M.   Section B.  Row 3
5/1858-4/5/1916 Grant, James    Section B  Row 7
1912-1969 Grant, Kenneth   Section F  Lot 11A
12/5/1841-3/21/1915 Grant, Mary   Section B  Row 3
No Dates Grant, Mary (baby)   Section B  Row 7
1917-1999 Green, Beatrice   Section E  Row 10
No dates Green, Carolyn   Section E Row 10
1895-1920 Green, Guyla  Section D  Row 8
No dates Green, Matthew   Section E  Row 10
No dates Green, Muriel   Section D  Row 8
1915-1995 Green, Raymond   Section E  Row 10
1916- Green, Rexford  Section D  Row 8
6/10/1888-5/26/1948 Greene Ethel   Section C  Row 3
1928-1992 Greeno, Betty J.  Section  F  Lot 27D
No dates Hagerson, C.A.  Section B  Row 7
No date Hart, Martha   Section B  Row 3
No dates Hartman, Clifton  Section B  Row 1
1860-1934 Hartman, Dan   Section B  Row 1
1863-1948 Hartman, Jane   Section  B  Row 1
No dates Hartman, Josephine   Section B  Row 1
1893-1916 Hartman, Laura Hillman  Section B  Row 1
No dates Hartman, Lemus   Section B  Row 1
No dates Hartman, Lena   Section B  Row 1
1888-1922 Hartman, Noel   Section B  Row 1
1895-1930 Hartman, William   Section B  Row 1
No dates Hawkins, Mrs.    Section E  Row 10
No dates Hazen, Mr.     Section B  Row 6
1924-1990 Holfelder, Richard   Section F  Lot 12C
No dates Howe, Calvin   Section B   Row 3
No dates Howe, Clark   Section B   Row 3
No dates Howe, Mary   Section B   Row 3
No dates Howe, William   Section B   Row 3
5/8/1868-4/29/1946 Hughes, Bessie May Maine Richardson   Section B  Row 7
No dates Hughs, Elizabeth  Section B  Row 8
2/10/1875-11/13/1950 Hughs, Loren A.   Section C   Row 1
No dates Hughs, Thomas   Section B   Row 7
1888-1970 Humphrey, Cora B.   Section B   Row 9
1900-1973 Humphrey, Ray C.   Section B  Row 9
1866-1939 Isthman, Frank    Section B  Row 1
1886-1954 Isthman, Mabel   Section B  Row 1
1931-1992 Jacobson, Rita A.  Section F  Lot 26A
10/31/1888-5/29/1963 Johnson, Belle   Section C  Row 1  No stone
11/2/1878-4/3/1954 Johnson, Jesse    Section C   Row 1
No dates Jones, Caroline   Section B  Row 5
1867-1912 Jones, Carrie Danner  Section B  Row 5
1866-1890 Jones, Cassius   Section B  row 5
1856-1934 Jones, Cecelia    Section A   Front of lot
8/1848-1/11/1913 Jones, Cynthia   Section B  Row 1
5/1861-9/28/1868 Jones, Elmer  E.   Section B  Row 5
1875-1909 Jones, Ethel  Section B  Row 4 ½
1854-1943 Jones, Gertrude Tillotson   Section D  Row 6
1853-1930 Jones, Harvey E.   Section D  Row 6
1906-1906 Jones, Helen   Section B  Row 5
No dates Jones, Iva    Section B  Row 5
No dates Jones, Iva    Section C   Row 5
5/10/1825-12/18/1865 Jones, Jackson Andrew   Section B   Row 5
6/4/1847-2/20/1849 Jones, Jefferson    Section B   Row 5
9/24/1842-8/20/1912 Jones, Judson    Section B   Row 1
2/1825-6/1/1900 Jones, Lusena    Section B   Row 5
1896-1966 Jones, Ormal   Section A  Back of lot
1854-1913 Jones, Ory   Section A  Front of lot
1863-1864 Jones, Otis J.   Section B  row 5
No dates Jones, Wilma Bennett   Section C  Row 4
No dates Joshua,   Section F   Lot 25C
No dates Joshua,   Sectionf  Lot 25D
1957-1963 Keener, Sharon   Section F  Lot 22A
1897-1955 Kimmy, Donald C.  Setion C  Row 5
5/25/1747-12/30/1807 Kirk, Joseph   Section B  Row 4
2/14/1747-11/27/1820 Kirk, Judith Knight   Section B  Row 4
1943-1993 Knisisy John   Section F  Lot 29B
1912-1976 Koenig, Edward  Section F  Lot 10A
1912-2008 Koenig, Elizabeth   Section F   Lot 10B
1945-2004 Koenig, Kathleen M.    Section F  Lot 10C
1943-1993 Kuberry, Elsie   Section F  Lot 28C
No dates Lesena   Section B  Row 5
1928-2007 Lewis, Alice    Section f  Lot 39D
8/8/1939-4/9/200 Lilley, Joseph G.   Section B   Row 9
3/14/1957-12/14/1972 Longstreth, Dani Kay   Section C  Row 2
5/17/1930-5/17/2002 Longstreth, Dannie  Section C  Row 2
9/20/1934-12/31/1961 Longstreth, Doris   Section C  Row 2
1905-1972 Longstreth, James   Section F  Lot 21C
1910-1969 Longstreth, Mabel   Section F   Lot 21D
1923-1986 Looney, Elenore   Section F   Lot 28B
-1933 Lord, C.   (Son of Wm)  Section C  Row 5
1873-1937 Lord, Clayton L.   Section C  row 5
1873-1921 Lord, Etta   Section C  row 5
1981-1981 Lord, Jessica Lee (Lived 3 mths)  Section F  Lot 6A
1935-1944 Lord, Lyle   Section C  Row 5
1899-1974 Lord, Nellie   Section C  Row 5
1963-1963 Lord, Robin  Section F  Lot 6A
-1933 Lord, Ruth M.  (Child of Wm)Section C  Row 5
1937-1995 Lord, James  Section F  Lot 6B
No dates Lupher, Clarinda   Section E  Row 10
1868-1948 Main, Annie B.  Section C  Row 1
1820-1858 Main , Aseneth   Section B  Row 6
1866-5/5/1928 Main, Charles Wesly  Section C  Row 1
1905-1925 Main, Lucy  Section C  Row 1
7/12/1756-5 Main, Nathan  Section B  Row 6
No dates Main, Percy   (Child of Percy)Section B  Row 7
7/9/1794-1/30/1885 Main, Rebecca  Section B  Row 6
1824-1885 Main, Stephan   Section B  Row 6
No dates Maine Charles E  Section B  Row 9
1884-1892 Maine, Elzora  (Child of SE) Section B  Row 7
7/27/1879-8/6/1879 Maine, Esther    Section B  Row 7
No dates Maine, Hiram & Harriet    Section B  Row 7
No dates Maine, (Infant dau. of S.E.)  Section B  Row 7
No dates Maine, (Infant Son  of S.E.) Section B  Row 7
3/30/1887-4/23/1887 Maine, (Infant son of SE)  Section B  Row 7
-1907 Maine, Jerry  Section E  Row 10
9/8/1880-1/3/1881 Maine, Julianna (Daug of SE) Section B  Row 7
1821-1921 Maine, Mary .  Section B  Row 6
1/13/1858-5/24/1912 Maine, Mary Elizabeth  Section B  Row 8
1831-unknoqn Maine, Mary L Kennedy   Section B  Row 6
1819-1910 Maine Moses  Section B  Row 6
No dates Maine, Roseanna   Section E  Row 10
7/13/1853-3/10/1934 Maine, Styles E.   Section B  Row 9
No dates Martin, Carol Pennell   (Wife to Rich)Section C  Row 2
1942-1950 Martin, Dorothy M.   Section C  Row 3
no dates Martin, Eva   Section C  Row 2
10/14/1902-12/22/1989 Martin, Floyd L.   Section C  Row 2
1989-1989 Martin, Floyd  lived 2 mths,  Section C row 2
1894-1974 Martin, George N.   Section C  Row 3
No dates Martin, Irene Joyce   Section C  Row 1
1/12/1902-8/2/1985 Martin, Lulu   Section C  Row 2
1930-1930 Martin, Marilyn J.  Section C  Row 3
No dates Martin, Richard   Section C  Row 2 cremated
1896-1937 Martin, Ruth C.  Section C  Row 3
No dates Mathis, Gayle Diezel   Section F  Lot 41C
No dates McClelland, William  Section B  Row 3
No dates McDonald, Electa   Section B  Row 8
No dates McDonald, Mrs. Win   Section C  Row 5
1968-1968 McGuire, Baby  Section F  Lot 20A
1939-2003 McGuire, Tom   Section F  Lot 20B
03-09-2006 to 04-03-2006 Mergel Janie Marie   Section C  Row 5  (buried next to her great grandmother, Florence Clark Blakeslee
11/1/1835-2/27/1896 Messenger, Albert   Section B  Row 8
No dates Messenger, Aba & Amm   Section B  Row 7
1877-12/21/1882 Messenger, Lucius Erben   Section B  Row 7
3/27/1835-5/11/1906 Messenger, Mary Maine   Section B  Row 8
1873-8/10/1873 Messenger Nelson   Section B  Row 7
1851-1935 Messinger, Artemesia L.   Secton B  Row 3
1847-1920 Messinger Celia M.   Section B  Row 1
1843-1904 Messinger, Chauncey W.  Section B  Row 1
1851-1906 Messinger, George   Section B  Row 3
1876-1927 Messinger, Hiram P.  Section B  Row 1
No dates Mickel, H.   Section B  Row 8
No dates Mickel, Huldah   Section B  Row 7
No dates Mickel, Harriett   Section B  Row 7
10/12/1938-2/13/2008 Miles, Alfred   Section C  Row 3
10/13/1937-2/4/2015 Miles, Mary Ellen   Section C  Row 3  cremated
No dates Miles, Verna     Section C  Row 3
1900-1972 Miller, Arthur  Section F  Lot 15A
1908-9/19/1910 Miller, Frances    Section B  Row 7
1871-1957 Miller, Louis H.   Section B  Row 3
No dates Miller, Martin   Section F  Lot 27E  cremated
1873-3/15/1911 Miller, Nancy  (Wife to George) Section B  Row 7
8/11/1941-12/18/2008 Miller Nancy   Section C  Row 4
1905-1991 Miller, Pearl   Section F  Lot 15B
1874-1932 Miller, Elva J.   Section B  Row 3
1871-1955 Mitchell, Clark   Section C  Row 5
1910-2005 Mitchell, Herbert  Section F  Lot 13A
1915-2008 Mitchell, Lawrence  Section F  Lot 13C
1872-1955 Mitchell, Lena    Section C  Row 5
1917-2006 Mitchell Wilda   Section F  Lot 13B
9/6/1847-4/10/1915 Moore, James E.   Section C  Row 1  US Marine
1/11/1882-6/4/1941 Moore, James Glenn.   Section C  Row 1
8/24/1883-12/23/1946 Moore, Kate  Section C   Row 1
No dates Moore, Nancy   Section C  Row 1
3/1/1887-1/16/1956 Moore, Roy Sheldon   Section C  Row 1  PFC
No dates Moses, E.H.   Section B  Row 2
-1857 Moses, Ella A.   Section B  Row 2
No dates Moses, Lydia   (Wife of Hiram)Section B  Row 2
1939-2008 McGuire, Geraldine  Section F  Lot 20C
1952-1996 Munn, Jerry   Section F  Lot 50A
2/5/1788-2/2/1867 Negus, Ann   Section B  Row 4
No dates Negus, Emeline   Section B  Row 4
1750-1806 Negus, Shadlack   Section B  Row 4
No dates Negus, G.L.   Section B  Row 4
No dates Negus, John   Section B  Row 4
1781-1854 Negus, Joshua   Section B  Row 4
No Dates Negus, Thomas   Section B  Row 4
-2009 Olsen, Wilbur   Section D  Row 8
-1914 Olson, Ruth   Section D  Row 8 cremated
No dates Ormsbee, Marilyn   Section F  Lot 3D  cremated?
1920-1985 Ormsbee, Theodore   Section F  Lot 3C  Cremated
No dates Osborn, James   Section B  Row 3
No dates Osborn, Martin   Section B  Row 3
1929-2000 Owen, Arlene    Section C  Row 4
8/17/1921-4/25/1996 Owen, Harold   Section C  Row 4
1/24/1898-10/22/1970 Owen, Helen E.   Section C  Row 4
7/30/1947-7/30/1947 Owen Infant daughter of Harold   Section C  Row 4
4/5/1896-8/30/1970 Owen, Oscar   Section C  Row 4
8/8/1925-8/8/1941 Owen Richard V.   Section C  Row 4
11/2/1948-9/28/1959 Owen, Stanley   Section C  Row 4
1979-1979 Owen Twin sons of Carl  Section C  Row 4
1914-1998 Owen, Harriet Clark  Section C  Row 5
1924-2006 Owens, Tim   Section F  Lot 39C
10/31/1916-1/25/1917 Parkhurst, Raymond  Section B Row 12
6/16/1923-6/16/1923 Parkin, Fredrick  Section C  Row 1
8/16/1904-9/30/1993 Parkin, Emma “Tressa”  Section C Row 1
9/5/1924-12/15/1996 Parkin, Violet   Section C  Row 1
1/9/1896-11/21/1969 Parkin, Walter   Section C  Row 1
1922-2006 Patterson, Gertrude Grant   Section F  Lot 11B
1856-2/26/1864 Peck, Harriet   Section B  Row 38
5/12/1927-6/8/2019 Penn Elouise  Section C  Row 3
11/15/1956-6/9/2013 Penn Lesa  Section C  Row 3
1932-2021 Pennell, Carol  Section C  Row 2
unknown-7/2012 Pennell, Fred  Section C  Row 2
1908-1989 Perkins, David   Section F  Lot 30C
-2007 Perkins, Virginia   Section F  Lot 30D
No dates Persons, Janice   Section F  Lot 57A
1926-2004 Persons, William   Section F  Lot 33A
9/26/1968-6/17/2006 Peterson, Darrin   Section B  Lot 12
11/25/1885-8/4/1924 Peterson, David   Section B  Row 12
12/24/1916-1/3/1990 Peterson, Lauretta   Section B  Row 11
3/5/1910-4/5/1913 Peterson, Nellie   Section B  Row 12
5/8/1905-6/16/1979 Peterson, Ralph    Secton B  Row 11
7/29/1915-10/29/1918 Peterson, Wayne   Section B  Row 12
-10/7/1950 Potter, Dean   Section B  Row 9
No dates Potter, Dearborn   Section B  Row 1
1883-1922 Potter, Floyd   Section A   Front of Lot
1857-1930 Potter, JM    Section B  Row 1
1861-1947 Potter, John   Section A  Back of lot
1915-1984 Potter, LaRue   Section F  Lot 30A
1853-1934 Potter, Martha  (Wife to JM)Section B  Row 1
1859-1926 Potter, Mary M. “Polly”  Section B  Row 9
1914-6/26/1927 Potter, Owen    Section B Row 1
1865-1918 Potter, Stella Choate (Wife to John)  Section A  Back of lot
1892-1912 Potter, Waive M.  Section A Back of lot
1851- Potter, William E.  Section B Row 9
1931-1997 Proper, Alice  Section F  Lot 2D  Cremated
1925-1990 Proper Albert  Section F  Lot 2D  cremated
1927-1985 Proper, Paul   Section C  Row 5
1951-1952 Proper, Paul W.   Section C   Row 5
No dates Pyle, Malinda    Section B   Row 7
1837-1959 Rice,  Mary C.   Section B Row 4
No dates Richardson, Bessie   Section B  row 7  unmarked
1/2/1899-5/4/1926 Richardson, Delyle (Lyle) A.  Section B  Row 7
1907-1985 Richardson, Floyd G.  Section B  Row 9
1/19/1932-1/19/1932 Richardson, Gerald Leroy  Section B  Row 9
11/24/1862-1/1/1944 Richardson, John West  Section B  Row 7  unmarked
-1971 Rifenberick, Iva   Section F  Lot 16A
1909-1973 Rifenberick, Kenneth   Section F  Lot 16B
No dates Robinson, Edwin   Section B  Row 3
No dates Robinson, Eliza   Section B  Row 3
1926-2006 Rogers, Harold   Section F  Lot 50C
1948-1989 Rogers, James  Section F  Lot 39A
6/4/1863-7/7/1940 Rose, Charles   Section C Row 3
6/9/1866-4/11/1931 Rose, Rose   Section C  Row 3
No dates Rosetta          Section B  Row 4
-2006 Ross, Shirley    Section F  Lot 41B
-2008 Ross, Sue Johnson   Section F  Lot 41D
1890-1980 Rossell, Alta Virtue   Section A  Front of lot
1824-1834 Rossell, Camfield   Section B  Row 4
1795-1835 Rossell, Charlotte  (Wife of Wm.) Section B  Row 4
1912-2005 Rossell, Ernest  Section F  Lot 15C  Cremated
6/8/1858-12/11/1928 Rossell, Estella B.  Section B  Row 12
10/28/1884-5/27/1943 Rossell, Lavina Fern Reno   Section B  Row 12
8/16/1894-11/25/1963 Rossell, Gladys Mudford  Section B  Row 12
12/14/1852-4/10/1929 Rossell, Hamlet Elwood  Section B  Row 12
3/29/1882-3/7/1966 Rossell, Ivan  Section B  Row 12
1813-1835 Rossell, John   Section B  Row 4
1857-1943 Rossell, Lottie   Section B  Row 4
1830-1919 Rossell, Maria   Section B  Row 4
1817-1837 Rossell, Maria  Section B  Row 4
1884-1966 Rossell, Merle   Section A  Front of lot
1918-2001 Rossell Wilhelmina   Section F  Lot 15C  Cremated
1829-1906 Rossell William   Section B  Row 4
1778-1865 Rossell William   Section B  Row 4
1822-1827 Rossell, Zaccheus   Section B  Row 4
No dates Rushton, Alex   Section F  Lot 22B  cremated
No dates Rushton, Cynthia   Section F  Lot 22B  cremated
No dates Sabin, Albert   Section B  Row 5
No dates Sabin, Margaret   Section B  Row 5
1870-1899 Sabin, Ulysses S.   Section B  Row 7
1933-1991 Sammons, Dora   Section F  Lot 1D
No dates Sammons, George   Section F  Lot 1A
1978-1978 Sammons, James Albert  Section f  Lot 1B
-1989 Sammons, Kert    Section F  Lot 3B
1931-1961 Sammons, Martha   Section F  Lot 3A
No dates Sammons,              Section F  Lot 1C
No dates Sargent, Infant   Section B  Row 4
1818-1893 Sargent, Amy  Section B  Row 4
No dates Sargent, Baby   Section E  Row 10
8/19/1872-12/1/1968 Sargent, Clara E.  Section B  Row 12
1815-1884 Sargent Enoch  Section B  Row 4
1926-2009 Sargent Harold   Section C  Row 5
1/6/1922-4/1/1922 Sargent Iva   (Twin to Ivan) Section B  Row 12
1922-1947 Sargent Ivan   Section C  Row 5
9/17/1853-9/27/1933 Sargent, Phineas  Section b Row 12
1898-1936 Sargent, Evert   Section C  Row 5
No dates Sawiles, Price   Section B  Row 3
-1948 Schumann, Baby   Section C  Row 4
1/10/1916-3/6/1918 Sexton, Gladys   Section C  row 1
1/2/1910-1/3/1911 Sexton, Mildred  Section C  Row 1
1/22/1849-7/25/1920 Shafer, Reuma Sabin   Section B  Row 9
1870-1899 Shafer, Ulysses   Section B  Row 9
1887-1979 Shreve, Archie L.  Section D  Row 4
1812-6/11/1866 Shreve, Benjamin   Section B  Row 6
No dates Shreve Bertie    Section B  Row 6
1911-1919 Shreve, Burdett   Section B  Row 10
No dates Shreve C. (2)   Section B  Row 4
No dates Shreve, Caleb  Section B  row 5
10/24/1843-3/24/1922 Shreve, Caleb  Section B  Row 6
No dates Shreve, Clare LaRue   Section B  Row 10
1892-1960 Shreve, Claribel   Section D  Row 4
6/27/1885-2/24/1963 Shreve, Cleon   Section C  Row 4
1921-1924 Shreve, Donald L.  Section D  row 4
2/12/1930-2021 Shreve, Doris  Section C  row 1
No dates Shreve, Dorothy   Section D  row 3
1841-9/3/1850 Shreve, Edgar   Section B  Row 6
1839-1918 Shreve, Emily T.  Section D Row 4
9/8/1922-12/25/2014 Shreve, Ernest Ben  Section C  Row 1
1842-1920 Shreve, George W.  Section D  Row 4
No dates Shreve, Hannah   Section B  Row 6
1905-1906 Shreve, Helen   Section B  Row 5
No dates Shreve (2)         Section B  Row 6
1790-1849 Shreve, Julianna   Section B  Row 5
1/13/1875-1/14/1961 Shreve, Kennerd   Section B  Row 6
1821-4/7/1850 Shreve, Mandanna Freelove   Section B  row 6
1847-1920 Shreve, Margarette   Section D  Row 7
5/28/1892-10/19/1981 Shreve, Maude Letha   Section B  Row 12
1848-1850 Shreve, Maude   Section B  Row 6
-8/22/1850 Shreve, Oscar   Section B  Row 6
9/22/1760-9/12/1822 Shreve, Richard  Section B  row 5
1846-9/27/1850 Shreve, Sarah   Section B  Row 6
3/27/1956-1/2/2014 Shreve, Steve   Section C  Row 3
1820-5/14/1882 Shreve, Sureptha   (Wife to Ben) Section B  Row 6
1843-8/5/1937 Shreve Willamina “Wilma” Danner   Section B  Row 6
No dates Shreve, William    Secton B  Row 5
1/7/1955-10/22/2020 Shreve, William Eugene    Secton C  Row 3
       1848-1915 Shreve, Winfield S.  Section D  row 7
No dates Shreve                   Section B  row 6
1921-2002 Sieklewsky, Ruth   Section F  Lot 25B
1914-1991 Sieklewski Steve   Section F  Lot 25A
1867-1940 Small, Margaret   Section A  front of lot
1839-1918 Small, Rev. F.M.  Section A  front of lot
1911-8/20/1972 Smith, Dora Sarah    Section C  Row 2
1903-1946 Smith, Arthur    Section C  row 2
8/9/1871-9/29/1917 Smith, Isadora R.   Section C  row 2
1893-9/3/1985 Smith, Lura   Section C Row 2
No dates Smith, Mary   Section B  row 3
No dates Smith, Theodore   Section B  row 3
3/7/1850-7/3/1930 Smith, Walter   Section C  Row 2
No dates Snyder, Billy   Section B Row 5
No dates Snyder, M.   Section B  row 5
2/26/1958-12/13/2016 Soderburg, Richard Allen Jr.   Section C  row 3
5/30/1914-1/2/2002 Sparling, Styles   Section B  Row 9
1882-1978 Spencer, Louise J   Section C  row 2  cremated
1892-1960 Spencer, Milo    Section C  Row 2
9/22/1915-10/22/2011 Sterling, Clara B.   Section C  Row 1
5/24/1911-11/19/1987 Sterling, George   Section C  Row 1
No dates Sturgis, Johah    Section B  Row 6
1927-1995 Sullivan, James   Section F   Lot 22D
1927-1992 Sullivan, Phyllis   Section f Lot 22C
No dates Swager, M    Section B  row 8
No dates Swartz, Dale   Section F  Lot 26E
No dates Swena, Edwin   Section B  Row 8
No dates Taylor, Aaron   Section B  Row 5  died at age 63
1791-1841 Taylor, Charlotte  Section B  Row 5
1925-2009 Taylor, Irene   Section F  Lot 60B
No dates Taylor, Solon   Sectioon B  Row 5
3/12/1814-12/25/1896 Tillotson, Asa   Section B  Row 6
1/3/1850-3/15/1851 Tillotson, Jasper   Section B Row 6
8/26/1818-3/28/1896 Tillotson, Louisa (Wife to Asa)  Section B  row 6
1875-4/10/1917 Tillotson, Mate  Section B  Row 6
1916-1997 Tillotson, Nora   Section B  Row 7  cremated
2/11/1903-5/27/1972 Tillotson, Perry   Section B  row 7
-1939 Tillotson,  Two Twin infants of How   Section C  Row 5
No dates Towne, Baby    Section B  Row 7
No dates Unknown soldier   Seciton B  Row 12
1921-2005 VanTassel, Dorothy Bowes   Section F  Lot 18B
No dates VanTassel, Leroy   Section D  Row 8  cremated
1900-1986 Vaughan Florence   Section F  Lot 14A
-1998 Vaughan Kenneth   Section F  Lot 14A
1823-1895 Waling, Ann  (Wife to Asap) Section A  Back of lot
1816-1878 Waling, Asaph   Section A  back of lot
1818-1909 Warner, Susan R.  Section B  row 4
No dates Webb, Caroline   Section B  Row 4 ½
7/8/1946-7/27/2014 Weingard, Gloria    Section C  Row 3
no dates Weingard, Lee  Section C Row 3
12/9/1923-6/2/1997 Weingard, Kenneth  Section C Row 3
1856-1932 Wellmon, Adelia   Section A  Front of lot
no dates Wellmon, Ben   Section A  Front of lot
1846-1922 Wellmon, Chauncey   Section A  Front  of lot
no dates Wellmon, Grace   Section A  Front  of lot
1957 & 1958 Welsh, Baby girl and boy   Section B  Row 10
1935-1998 Welsh, Bruce   Section F  Lot 34A
1884-1891 West Amy  (Dau of James)  Section B Row 4 ½
1862-1918 West, James    Section B  row 4 ½
1862-1938 West Margaret   Section B  Row 4 ½
1919-2009 Wiggers, Lowell   Section C   Row 5
1926-2000 Wiggers, Viola   Section C  row 5
1866-1883 Wilcox, Frank   Section A  front of lot
No dates Wilcox, 2 infants Opal & Olaf   (Children of SE)Section B  Row 7
1842-1902 Wilcox, Mary   (Wife to PA) Section A  Front of lot
1838-1906 Wilcox, P.A.   Section A  Front of lot
1905-1978 Williamson, Jennie   Section C  Row 4
1904-1985 Williamson, Reese   Section C  Row 4
-1979 Williamson, Russell  Section C  Row 4
1909-1995 Wilson Mabel   Section C  Row 2
1908-1970 Wilson Marshall   Section C  row 2
1881-1911 Wilson, Wilbur   Section A  Front of lot
No dates Winder, Ann   Section B  Row 4
No dates Winder J    (3)     Section B  row 8
No dates Winder James      Section B  Row 4
9/5/1857-5/6/1935 Wise Fred   Section B  Row 10
10/27/1897-10/27/1952 Wise Hazel   Section B  Row 10
1865-1944 Wise John   Section E  Row 10
5/18/1895-11/15/1960 Wise Melvin   Section B  Row 10
1869-1937 Wise Sarah   Section E  Row 10
1861-12/27/1918 Wise Sarah J   Section B  Row 10
1879-1933 Wissemore Mary Elva   Section C  Row 3
1916-1995 Wolfe Edwin  Section F  Lot 56A
2/17/1836-4/13/1904 Woodward Mary   Section B  Row 10
7/26/1857-5/27/1910 Woodward William Jr   Section B  Row 10
11/21/1826-4/14/1904 Woodward William Sr.  Section B Row 10
7/29/1934-1938 Young, Annabelle  Section C Row 3
1904-1978 Young Arthur F   Section C  Row 3
8/14/1882-9/3/1953 Young Clara   Section C  Row 3
1934-1938 Young Grace   Section C  Row 3
5/7/1906-5/15/2001 Young Stella   Section C  Row 3
9/25/1868-5/5/1938 Young Loren    Section C  Row 3

The genealogy information has been copied almost word-for-word from the actual records the library holds.  Any mistakes could be a result of misprinted records.  For questions regarding this matter please contact the library.