Old Thompson Pioneer Cemetery

Old Thompson Pioneer Cemetery

Union City, PA

This small cemetery is located on an overgrown hill which stands in the crescent of land between Rte. 6 and O’Dell Street, on the southern edge of Union City, PA. These inscriptions were copied by Mrs. Kristen Koehler and Mrs. Linda Ditrich in May 1973. Nineteen headstones were found, but one was so fragmentary that no information could be taken from it. Another was also badly fragmented but bore the surname THOMPSON. The following are the inscriptions of the remaining seventeen stones.


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63 yrs, ? mos., 12 ds.- d. Mar. 21, 1876

16 yrs. 2 mos. 27 ds.- d. May 27 1832

Ames, Alva “Asleep in Jesus. Blessed sleep.”



“      Isabella (wife of Alva Ames)

92 yrs.- Apr. 22, 1848

89 yrs.- June 17, 1850

22 yrs.- Feb. 16, 1828




72 yrs.- Mar. 12, 1869

30 yrs.- March 2-?, 1830

Mulvin, William


“       Margaret


“       William, Jr. “There is a calm for those who weep/ A rest for weary pelgrims found;/ And while the mouldering ashes sleep/ Low in the ground;/ The soul, of origin divin,/ God’s glourious image freed from clay,/ In heaven’s eternal shore shall shin/ A star of day

Mulvin, Robert


“       Elisabeth (consort of Robert Mulvin),  “Depart my friends, dry up your tears/ We’ll meet again when Christ appears./ Therefore be ye also ready: for in/ such and hour as ye think not. The/ Son of Man Cometh.

23 yrs.- Dec. ??, 1836 Smiley, Jane Eliza (wife of Moses Smiley) “God my redeemer/ And ever from the skies/ Look down and watch/ Yes all my dust/ Till he shall bid it rise.
20 yrs. 7 ds.- d. Jun 9, 1855

24 yrs. 18 ds.- d. April 29, 1845

65 yrs.- Dec. 28, 1858

23 yrs.- Mar. 27, 1813






37 yrs.- May 9, 1842

75 yrs.- Apr. 8, 1879

79 yrs. 10 mos. 18 ds.- d. May 2, 1855

59 yrs.- Nov. 15, 1816

84 yrs.- July 3, 1840

Thompson, Horace E. (son of Sam’l and Betsey Thompson)


“          Margaret (daughter of Joel and Mary Thompson)


“          Mary (wife of Joel Thompson)


“          Margaret “Her flesh shall slumber in the ground/ Till the last trumpets ———- sound/ Then burst he bonds ———–/ And in her savior———/ Of Joel Thompson ———-/ She was the c————/ Tis hop’d she’s gone —- ———–/ Of joys forever new./ She left him and one infant dear./ Her loss for to deplore,/ But they do hope to meet her whare/ Thares pleasures evermore.

Thompson, Betsy (wife of Samuel S.)


“         Clarisa


“         Isabell (wife of Job Thompson)


“         Jemima


“         Abel


The genealogy information has been copied almost word-for-word from the actual records the library holds.  Any mistakes could be a result of misprinted records.  For questions regarding this matter please contact the library.